Greetings All,

I'm a newcomer to the board and have 4 questions:

1. I listen to the commercial free Skyfm station (via Winamp) and there doesn't appear to be a tutorial for Skyfm. Does anyone have any pointers for that site? I did a test run which worked ok, but the only negative is that the songs could not be identified and the songs were grouped as one track. I played with the minimum silence in between tracks feature, but was not saavy enough to make that work. I also tried to search the applian site for skyfm (via the google search feature) and came up empty.

2. The directions say to use "Audio Driver", but my Realtek High Definition Audio is also an option, why is "Audio Driver" option the preferred choice?

3. I did not know about the free songs for the trial version before buying the regular player, how does one retroactively receive those songs?

4. I would like to record hours of a continuous stream. At what point will the software experience trouble? IE No more than 2 hour blocks per session.