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Thread: problem recording from adult pay by the minute live chat sites such as

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    Default problem recording from adult pay by the minute live chat sites such as

    Ok I admit it. I bought a license for this software because on occasion I enjoy a little of adult fun on these pay by the minute live chat sites such as
    As long as I am “not” signed in Replay Media works fine, except for times when the play back is too fast.
    Sometimes it works perfect and other times it’s in fast motion.

    A more important issue is each and every time I sign in to the site and try to record the same exact live video stream I receive and error message that says “Streamate Error were unable to authenticate your request. Please log out and try again.

    Needless to say I get the same error every time and not just on this site but every similar site in which you must log on before you can chat.

    When you have to pay up to 3.99 per minute is there anything wrong or illegal with wanting to record the session?

    If there is than I apologize in advance and really didn’t know. If not can someone please help me resolve this problem or at least the other one where some video play backs are in fast motion?

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    Default Re: problem recording from adult pay by the minute live chat sites such as

    Try tihis:

    If you are using Replay Media Catcher 4 got Tools->Settings->RTMP Download Tweaks
    *unselect* 'Always record RTMP streams (instead of downloading)
    I also have checked 'Automatically fix live streams and thouse without a duration

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