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Thread: Program doesn't recognize my web cam

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    Default Program doesn't recognize my web cam

    Up til now, only used it to record audio (radio station off the internet).
    I now want to record video off a web cam I just got. My system recognizes it, I can use it w. Skype, but Replay A/V says there is no webcam.
    Is there anything I can do? I assume I should be able to record whatever the web cam is picking up.



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    Default Re: Program doesn't recognize my web cam

    If your web cam is not recognized there is nothing we can do. There are hundreds of different webcams out and unfortunately it won't recognize all. If you do want to record Skype we do have our brand new Replay Telecorder that works great with Skype.

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    Default Re: Program doesn't recognize my web cam

    You can also try freeware virtual web-cam software like manycam or splitcam. Hopefully Replay AV will recognize it.

    But Replay Telecorder is much much better for recording skype. See the following video about recording from Skype with Replay Telecorder. It is so funny
    Testing Replay Media Catcher 3.11, Replay AV and Replay Music not only on Windows 7/Vista/XP, but also on Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X using freeware Wine...

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