Is there a time limit on the Video Capture Program? - after 12 hours of recording a recording of a trading webinar which I am glad I got a link for limited time I have 2 problems

under power management in XP I shut everything off and still my monitor reverts to the black XP screen and shuts off the program as when I left the house and let it record - does it everytime

then just now when I thought I had everything figured out it only recorded 1 hour out of 2 as I sat there for 2 hours watching to make sure everything went right?

is it your program or the Windows media player that has this limit? - I am trying right now to record the other half but have 10 hours of webinars to record in 2 hour segments - how can I get it to record for 2 hours? do I have to use windows media player or is there something else I can use then if that is the problem - can I increase the file size? somehow. 1 hour file size is about 1.3G