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Thread: Replay Video Capture terminal problem

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    Exclamation Replay Video Capture terminal problem

    I bought the entire Replay Capture Suite some time ago, and this is my first attempt to use it. I started with Replay Video Capture, trying to copy a video embedded in a web page.

    Replaying my recording of that video crashes the Windows player every time, forcing a reboot. I have followed the Settings instructions, downloaded the recommended plug-in, checked FAQs, everything. Nothing helps.

    My operating system is Widows XP. Can anyone suggest a solution?


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    Default Re: Replay Video Capture terminal problem

    Don't worry. Applian offers a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

    The problem seems to be with playing, not recording. You can try to install freeware VLC player or SMPlayer. Both players are very good and you should like them much better than WMP. It is hard to help you with the latter without knowing more details (like the exact error).

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