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Thread: file names are now different

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    Unhappy file names are now different

    I just upgraded to the latest version. I was using 3.1, now 3.11. Right before I upgraded I was using the program and my file names where specific to the lesson I was recording. Now, when I try to record the lessons, all the file names are the same and there's no way to tell them apart. They all say Dynamic Menus.mp4. To be specific, the file name was 249493DC_52342_00_02_SC11_exfiles.mp4 and now it's 7F1A37E5_Creating Dynamic Menus.mp4. The same file, totally different name and the exfiles.mp4 which actually tells you what lesson the file is has been changed to the Creating Dynamic Menus title. I could go through and rename all of them, but why did this change? I think I'll just uninstall the update and go back to the old one. It wasn't an issue with that version.

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    Default Re: file names are now different

    I got the exact same problem after I upgraded to 3.11. Now all my youtube music videos get recorded as numbers like this 7A123D56.FLV which is a problem when you are recording few vidoes at one time and you have to go back and figure out which one was which and then rename all of them. What's up with that? is there any particular configuration we can do to fix this?

    How about it Applian tech people?

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