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Thread: Replay Music does not work well with Spotify

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    Angry Replay Music does not work well with Spotify

    I dont know if this program works great with other music streamers or not, but its fxcking crap for spotify!

    Okay, so yeh i was drawn to this program as i needed some really hard to find, independently released songs that were only available on spotify. So i found this program, downloaded it blah blah blah.

    After setting everything up, i go to record my first track - "Dublin Waltz" by Monty I Are.

    Now the problem i have here, is that it cuts short by just one second. Your thinking oh just one second, doesnt really matter...well with this track it does, because the sound goes all the way up to the last second, and without it it just doesnt end right. Ive tried many different ways to attempt this, but still it insists on making the track 3:00 instead of 3:01, ive also had it cut it down to 2:58 at times. I tried letting spotify run into another track, but then this fxcking program decides to scrap what i wanted to record and record about 4 seconds of the next track!

    Why isnt there a function to just seemlessly record? Why does it have to try and be all intelligent and cut everything, when clearly it just cant do that.

    I like this program, i do - its great...just for tracks that go all the way up to the last second, it decides no actually im gonna cut off there.

    Here's what ive tried.
    Stopping the track on exactly 3:01 in spotify
    Setting Replay to stop recording at 3:01/3:05/3:10/3:15
    Enabling and Disabling the Auto Cut feature.
    Manually Stopping The Recording

    Its not like it fades out or anything (the song), just the program doesnt recognise it. I would like to be able to just record, over the tracks length and then cut down using a waveform editor like Audacity.

    So unless you can give me a way of actually getting my one second of this song back, then ill bad mouth your program from here on.

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    Default Re: Absolutely Crap With Spotify

    We are not able to test Spotify in the US. Please do go to the settings. In the splitting tab select to ignore. Now give it a try. Songs need to be about 6 weeks old for them to be in the database as well. If you do continue to have a problem please contact tech support as we will want additional information from you such as your version of windows and a log file for the program. We are here to help, along with other forum members, and would appreciate a courteous comment or suggestion. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Replay Music does not work well with Spotify

    I think you have to go to Settings and than Tab SPLITTING and
    put the volume level cut of to zero.

    I have the same problem but in the beginning of some songs
    I'm missing sometimes 1 second in the beginning.
    I tried everything but nothing helps.
    I use RM3 for 99% of my recordings but for the songs that are missing
    the first second i use NO23 recorder.
    I hope Applian will solve this little problem in the future.

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    Default Re: Absolutely Crap With Spotify

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheryl Wester View Post
    We are not able to test Spotify in the US.
    Yes you are -- here's how:

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    Default Re: Replay Music does not work well with Spotify

    for spotify, In the splitting options set the minimum milliseconds of silence to 1500 and the sound cut level to 500. It will work perfectly.
    Also, I always turn tagging off, I don't know if this has an effect
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