Not sure if this is the right forum but looked the most suitable so here goes...
Just installed Freecorder 4 on my PC (XP Pro) and have a number of installation problems:
(a) Freecorder installer does not exit on completion and needs to be killed using Program Manager
(b) AVG AntiVirus detects a file asociated with the Install as Malware (GLB108.tmp) - is this a false positive?
(c) Most seriously, I am using FireFox 3.6 and the Freecorder installer gives this message: "Freecorder could not be installed because it is not compatible with FireFox 3.6". Bizarre, because I downloaded Freecorder 4 ...

On another topic, the OP was having similar problems and the reply was to run Freecorder from Start | Programs. But nothing happens when I do this.

Have installed, uninstalled Freecorder and rebooted a few times but nothing seems to happen. All suggestions appreciated