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Thread: Auto File Renaming correct name back to basic name

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    Default Auto File Renaming correct name back to basic name

    Hi There,

    Firstly let me say I LOVE this software and its worth every cent! (P.S. Where is the MAC version!!!!) :-)

    I have been downloading videos from for offline viewing. I work away from home and away from an internet connection so having the files for offline viewing is very useful to me. I am a fully paid legitimate Lynda subscriber.

    The problem is, when I download a movie from there, in the download window it has the correct name, but when the program saves the name it shortens and abbreviates the name, making all the files have a very similar name.

    This is a before shot as the movie is downloading, note the correct name:

    And this is what the program automatically changes it too after the save:

    I have turned off (and on) auto file renaming and can't really work out what this could be.

    How do I just make the program save as the name downloaded. It has done it a few times, but not always. help please!
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