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Thread: Converter/Burner renaming retarded!

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    Angry Converter/Burner renaming retarded!

    I have just paid my upgrade fee to get rid of the nag screen and installed the update. The nag screen is now gone. Thank you. But the new version renames the files when it burns them to CD and they are all screwed up. This make it impossible to listen to radio programs that are broken into short segments. The old burner did not change the names of the files and it worked perfect. This new one changes them to crap. Here is an example of the stupidity in renaming that is now taking place...

    Actual file names: New Renaming Method:
    C2C Nov 23_01.mp3 = C2C_NOV_.MP3
    C2C Nov 23_02.mp3 = C2C_N00B.MP3
    C2C Nov 23_03.mp3 = C2C_N00A.MP3
    C2C Nov 23_04.mp3 = C2C_N009.MP3
    C2C Nov 23_05.mp3 = C2C_N008.MP3
    C2C Nov 23_06.mp3 = C2C_N007.MP3
    C2C Nov 23_07.mp3 = C2C_N006.MP3
    C2C Nov 23_08.mp3 = C2C_N005.MP3
    C2C Nov 23_09.mp3 = C2C_N004.MP3
    C2C Nov 23_10.mp3 = C2C_N003.MP3
    C2C Nov 23_11.mp3 = C2C_N002.MP3
    C2C Nov 23_12.mp3 = C2C_N001.MP3
    C2C Nov 23_13.mp3 = C2C_N000.MP3

    You can see that if I put a cd in the car with 5 days of Coast to Coast then I have to jump around to listen in order.

    Please add an option to not change the name of the file when the files are burned to disc. The old method kept the file name and it worked great.

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    Default Re: Converter/Burner renaming retarded!

    Anybody else having problems with the renaming that takes place automatically when the ISO is created by the converter/burner?

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