I have a MAC and I am using Replay via Paralells Desktop.

When I record tracks from Spotify, the tracks are recorded, split and identified in the Replay Music player window. I can play the tracks after recording has stopped as ong as I play them from the Replay window.

But the tracks are not in the destination folder. When I open the destination folder either form the Replay settings window or within explorer, it is blank.

If I click 'ok' to save the recording session, when I try to play the tracks, it says they don't exist even though they are still in the list.

The log says Spotify.exe is unlocked and then that audio data is being removed. Why are the output tracks being deleted!?

I've been to support and they told me to download the latest version. I've updated it twice with no joy. Why am I paying for software that doesn't let me do what it's designed for!?

I only recorded tracks successfully once about six months ago and since then it hasn't worked.

Has anyone else had this problem?