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Thread: Replay Recorded MP3s Missing Last Few Second When Played On Sony Walkman

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    Default Replay Recorded MP3s Missing Last Few Second When Played On Sony Walkman

    I have this weird problem:

    If I record a playlist from a streaming site and then play bak my MP3s in I-tunes or another player, the recordings play back fine. If I try to play them back on my sony mp3 player however, the player invariably skips over the last few seconds and I get the message, can't playback because file is damaged. I wonder if this is a compatibility problem between replay recorded files and the sony player? That being said, If I have recorded an entire album, rather than a playlist of songs from different albums, I do not get this problem. The Sony player doers not seem to have problems with my other non - replay recorded files. I have tried adjusting splitting settings and rerecording etc. to no avail.

    Does anyone have a similar issue or any ideas how I can fix this?

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    Default Re: Replay Recorded MP3s Missing Last Few Second When Played On Sony Walkman

    Some players may not support VBR or only support specific bit-rates. See the manual of your Sony player to find out what kind of MP3 files it supports.

    What bit-rate do you use when recording with Replay Music? Do you use VBR or CBR? (See "Settings" -> "Output")

    Do you have the same problem if you disable Automatic tagging ("Settings" -> "Output" -> "Identify Songs Automatically")?

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