Dear Repley AV developers,

Here is the feature, which probably would be useful. I have around 60 live stations from which I capture once in a while. Now, I add some stations, record from them and delete them, otherwise the list of shows grows too large and it is dificult to find the show, which I want quickly. Very often I need to record from the same station again, so I would need to add that station again.
It would be so wanderful to be able to organize shows in folders and subfolders, so I could create the folder for example live radio, add several shows in that folder and when I need, I would go to that folder and start recording. That is all about organizing, would be so nice to be able to organize shows instead of dumping everything to the same list.
Well, adding to that, may be then in future it could be the ability to start manual recording for whole folder. For example the folder contains 5 radio stations, I would be able to right-click on folder and choose the "Start capture" and then all 5 stations in folder would be capturing. It would be nice, however for now I would at least appreciate the ability to organize added shows by folders.
Thanks a lot.