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Thread: vista 64-bit and replay a/v

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    Default vista 64-bit and replay a/v


    i'm using vista 64-bit and installed replay a/v 8.41 on my system.
    but i have several problems followings:

    1) the replay a/v wizard is hanged when i open some items to recording.
    2) when converting to mp3, replay converter hangs out.

    when i used replay a/v 8.41 on windows xp, that works fine.
    but when i moved to windows vista 64-bit, i cannot record any radio programs.

    does replay a/v support windows vista 64-bit?
    if not, when will it support windows vista 64-bit?

    thank you.

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    It does support 64 bit-I use it myself.

    Turn OFF User Account Control:

    Open Control Panel
    Go to User Accounts
    Click on Turn User Account Control on or off
    Click continue to verify.
    De-Select the Use User Account Control (UAC)...
    Click OK
    Re-start your computer

    Make sure you have allowed the program in your windows firewall exception tab. You need to have guide.exe, tuner.exe, and ReplayAV.exe all in the firewall. Also, for converter you need to select for it to run with administrative rights. Go to Program files and right mouse click the program. Select properties and the compatibility tab. Select that at that location. Thanks.

    If you need further assistance please let tech support know.

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