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Thread: Neat little "trick"

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    Lightbulb Neat little "trick"

    Hey all...
    Was playing around with (A Pandora clone, but streams 128kbps MP3s)

    I found a neat little trick where you can get any song by any artist without having to wait around for for the actual song to play.

    1. Open Replay Music or Replay Media Catcher's new Record Audio tool (in the tools menu) and make sure they are recording.
    2. Pick an artist and a song by that artist. For this example I will use "The Beatles" and the song "A Day In The Life"
    3. Open your browser; in the URL bar enter a URL in this format:<artist>/<title>
    4. Here is the URL for the song I want: Beatles/A Day In The Life
    5. The tool you used should pick up the stream, and voila, you got the song legitimately.

    I don't know how long this trick will last, so enjoy it while you can!

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    Wow. that's great! Thanks for figuring that out Andy!

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    Wow. Great share Andy. Thanks for that.

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