I have just tried out RVC for the first time because I can't use RMC on one of my favourite sites because of the source changing to a secured format - so I am trying out RVC.

Before I purchase the program I have some questions which relate to the achievable quality through RVC.

The main purpose I would use RVC for is to capture high quality streamed video in order to burn it to DVD and watch it on my TV.

I assume that in order to do this at a decent quality I would have to capture the full screen. However, I see in the instructions that users are advised to keep the window to be captured at one quarter or less of the desktop.

I tried capturing full screen video, but as soon as RVC started recording, the video being captured started stuttering and freezing. I assume this is because I have an older Pentium 4, 2.99 GHz machine with 2Meg of Ram, whereas the instructions advise a dual core processor.

I am considering purchasing a new quad core machine - can anyone tell me:

1) If RVC records in full screen mode, and the source video is of reasonable quality, will the resultant file be good enough to burn to DVD and watch on a TV (not HD)? (If I could capture these same files with RMC, I know the quality would be fine for this purpose.)

2) Any suggestions as to the desirable specs for a computer that can do a good job of capturing full screen, high quality streaming video?