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Thread: HELP: converting asf files to mp3 or m4b

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    Default HELP: converting asf files to mp3 or m4b

    Currently running Replay AV 8.42 and Converter 3.0b in a Windows XP 5.1 environment. Over the past few weeks I have streamed and recorded almost 100 hours of Sirius radio shows. All the files have be created in an *.asf format and are playable and sound great using the Windows Media Player. I would like to listen to the shows on my ipod and I have attempted to convert the files to a compatible format with absolutely no success. I have contacted tech support w/ no luck. They advised me to add codecs, upgrade to Converter 3.0b, etc. My question, has anyone on this forum been able to successfully convert files from asf to mp3 or mb4? If so, how? Is anyone aware of other tools that can do the job? I like the Replay AV but it has me limited to listening to recording while at my computer. Also, how long should a file conversion take? I attempted to convert a 400KB file (very small) the converting 0 of 1 ran for 14 hours before I finally killed the process. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you have not tried our latest converter please do so. At the present time it does need to be used as a separate converter but it might work better for you.

    I convert XM and Sirius files all the time with this version. It is really fast and I'm sure you'll like it.
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