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Thread: Number of songs recorded

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    Default Number of songs recorded

    I'm using the latest version of RMC and it does not show anymore on the left the number of recorded files.
    It was useful. Hope it will be re-enabled on future versions.

    One another thing i wanted the developpers to know : when you're recording a radio station on Internet Explorer and you're surfing the web with Firefox (version, RMC shows the title of the firefox page when ripping instead of the radio's page.
    Sometimes it ruins the recording (the file is unreadable). I have indicated RMC to ignore Firefox but it does not seem to work, moreover "Stream dumper" is not checked.

    Any thoughts?

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    Yes - the file will get renamed based on whichever browser window is most prominent. This will not corrupt the file in any way - it is not changing anything about the file - just naming it. While Media Catcher will work with some streaming radio, it was not developed for this purpose. Replay AV is the program we recommend for recording radio.

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    i would agree. Replay AV is much better used for recording radio. plus, i do try to limit using one browser at a time.

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    Can you capture (and not record the sound card) Pandora, Slacker, Aol Radio or Jango with Replay A/V ?
    I mean getting separated and, tagged files like with RMC.
    I took a quick look at the media guide and did not see them.

    Anyway Replay A/V keeps telling i'm not connected to the net even if i gave full access through my firewall so that's not even an option.


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