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Thread: Framed Video Window Problems.

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    Default Framed Video Window Problems.

    I have tried the demo version of Rvc but have been having problems with Recording Streamed Video
    I can put the green frame around the window and it appears to record ok.
    But replaying the file it appears that the area recorded has 'moved
    the area recorded has dropped to record a band at the top outside the record area and lose a band at the bottom and both sides
    I think tat it is a change of resolution in the record window that is causing the problem
    | have tried everything to make this work but to no avail an anyone suggest what 1 am doing wrong
    I am using Vista maybe this is the problem?

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    You are able to adjust the markers to meet the needs of the file. Set the window and then if necessary move the markers to cover what you need to cover.

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    I am afraid that I have tried that. but it does not resolve the problem.
    I move and adjust the marks to part way down He image and below the image but although it records ok at the top, all I get is a black ship at the bottom on the recorded file.
    No matter how l adjust the markers 1 cannot capture the steamed window as it appears on the screen
    Is this a resolution problem should 1 change my screen resolution to a different setting if so what?
    The streams that 1 am trying to record are Uk on demand TV channels 40D.
    ThanKs for you help

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    Default Re: Framed Video Window Problems.

    I'm interested in whether this issue was ever resolved, since it's pretty close to the same problem I'm not having in trying to capture a webinar. Shows fine on the screen as it's going on, but it cut off on one side no matter what settings I try.

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