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    Default Pause??

    I have installed the Replay Video Capture and recorded an online seminar. I find that you cannot "Pause" a recording. The online manual shows the "Play" button changes to "Pause" when recording. My software does not. How do you pause a recording? I found if you click "stop" and then "record" you end up with two files.
    Also, on a couple of occasions, clicking "Record" to start recording a segment, the control panel disappeared and the program shut down, even though I Do Not have hide while recording checked on the setup page. I would think you should be able to "pause" a recording, and the program should NOT shut down when you click "record."

    Buggy software??
    I purchased the software online on 7/27/09 and have tried removing it and reloading it....Nada! (nothing)
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    It pauses when you use the MPEG 2 settings and not the windows media setting. The developer wasn't happy with the way it worked with windows media. Switch to the other and you should be good to go.

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