I have been using Windows Media Recorder software for a while, until I needed t capture rtsp streams. WMR could not get them, so I went to Replay Media Catcher which can catch them successfully.

My only problem is the follwing:
I have a 1024 kbs ADSL line, so let's say fine to view live streams whose rate is up to 1024kbs.

When I use WMR to 'save' supported streams, I somehow records on the fly what is coming in my computer, without needing to open its dedicated connection to the streaming source.

When I use Replay Media Catcher, it seems that RMC 'sniffes' the URL of the stream and then opens its own streaming connection.

So if I happen to be willing to watch and capture at the same time a stream using RMC, I can't go above 512 kbs streams, because both my web browser and RMC will open a connection to the streaming source, so using 2*512kbs=1024kbs...

While using WMR, I can watch and record a 1024kbs stream.

Is there any possibility now or in the future for RMC to behave like WMR, i.e. capture on the fly the video, without requiring to open a dedicated connection to the streaming server?