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    Question Program not Starting

    I recently installed an anti-spyware program called Spyware Begone! v10, and disk cleaning/ acceleration software and I think it is Spyware Begone. Ever since I scanned and deleted what came up, now Replay Media Catcher is not loading up. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the program. In task manager drwatson is loaded up. The loading splash isn't even loading up, it just has the mouse go to busy for a second in the background.

    Is it possible a required system file/driver or whatever has been deleted?

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    I have never heard of this program before. It could be that Media Catcher just isn't compatible with it. Have you tried uninstalling the Spyware Begone to see if Media Catcher will work?

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    I have uninstalled it, but I didn't think that was the problem; and sure enough it is still not working after reinstalling RMC. I let the Spyware Begone! v10 scan completely, it found lets say, 10 things. I clicked fix and ever since then replay media catcher never worked/ or even loaded up.

    I think it detected something in the system or something as a virus and removed it. Though I have no idea how to fix it.

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    If this is the case, then reinstalling should do the trick. Wen you reinstalled did it try to block anything?

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    That is the weird thing, after uninstalling the anti-spyware software (it doesn't block anything). Then reinstalling RMC, it still is not working. This leads me to believe that something that RMC uses, though not part of the program itself (installation) has been deleted. Does RMC need any runtime files or anything?

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    If there is no way to currently fix the problem, would anyone know a substitute program that downloads videos from ? This was my main reason for getting RMC to begin with.

    Thanks for your help regardless of the results as this seems to be a weird issue for me,

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