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Thread: Consistent Break in Stream recording

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    Default Consistent Break in Stream recording

    I'm encountering a weird problem in recording one particular program with Replay A/V: the recording consistently breaks into two. The main part is just about 2 hours, and the second a minute and half.

    Here are the details:

    The show I record is Jazz.FM's Jazz in the City


    The recording is set for

    5:59:45 PM to 8:01:00 PM Eastern time every Saturday.

    Last Saturdays were two files as usual:

    20090704 Jazz FM Jazz in the City.mp3 Duration: 2:00:42
    20090704 Jazz FM Jazz in the City_02.mp3 Duration: 0:01:52

    This result is typical and consistent.

    Whats going on, why and what should I do to get a single continuous file


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    Sometimes when capturing live streams, there are gaps in the transmission -- this is why the splits occurred. Here's some ways to handle this:

    1) Try increasing the Stream Capture Time Out setting. This is located under Replay A/V's Main Settings, under the Tuning tab.

    2) Use Audio Recording instead -- it's not as clean as Stream Capture, but you'll get a continuous recording.

    3) Often simply removing the schedule from your AV and then adding it again also does the trick.

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