I am using the most recent Replay Converter and trying to convert an .flv file captured with Replay Media Catcher into .3gp for viewing on my treo with Core Player. I've tried all three quality options, but all result in a file that has very poor video quality (that I can live with) and even worse audio quality (that is just unacceptable). The poor quality is apparent when viewed in QuickTime on the PC or in the Core Player on the treo. The video and audio in the original (.flv) version are excellent (clear and understandable). However, the video in the .3gp file has tons of compression artifacts, very blurry and blocky. The audio file makes the speakers sound like they are talking underwater; very garbled and barely understandable. There seem to be no conversion options for .3gp; when I right click on the conversion type and select conversion options, no dialog box appears. I've tried the 10, 12, and 15 fps options with the same results. Any suggestions or ideas?

Jacksonville, Florida