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Thread: Stopped recording Motogp races

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    Default Stopped recording Motogp races

    I can't seem to record the latest Motogp race.
    i get this error?

    Sorry, could only download a partial RTMP stream
    Media was saved anyway:
    C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\pics\LEMANS_race_motoGP_HR_ 2009.mov_C1C46746.flv
    m_nErrType = 10
    m_strDesc = "WM_QUIT posted to thread queue"
    m_strFile = F:\proj32\TestRTMPClient\RTMPStreamRip.cpp
    m_nLineNumber = 369

    also. I have to right click on the recording file and hit "stop and save."
    when I hit the normal Stop Button it keeps recording.

    any ideas?

    I just paid $99 for this program only to record motogp races.
    anyone else having this problem.
    If the problem does not get resolved can I get a refund?
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    Please open a support ticket. I will need more info to test this for you. Thanks!

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    Just wondering if this problem was solved. I am having the same issue.

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    Default recording motoGP races

    I posted a reply on the RM converter thread an hour ago.

    I have just watched Mugello WU and recorded it with RM catcher. It worked ok. THe quality is not what I have come to expect from applian, it's a bit jerky in the replay, but otherwise ok. I did notice that it took some time (1-2min) with RM catcher still open after I had hit the stop button for the file to be finalised. maybe if you shut the application too quickly it will not have finalised it as a flv file. I could still play the pre-finalised file, I just had to right click it and choose to open the file with FLV player.

    I really hope your situation is sorted cause I know how frustrating it is.

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