I recently wanted to convert an ASF file (from the At-Large Recorder) to an AVI file. The version that I had would not do the conversion; but after downloading the new beta, things seem to be working as expected. It will be tomorrow morning (at the earliest) before I can test the converted file. But as I used the Beta 3.0 Replay Converter there were a couple of features I would like to see:
  1. Have some way to determine what percentage of the original file has been converted - either as a bar graph or as a numberical value. The numeric value would be better - it could be displayed on the start bar as well as in the open window.
  2. After choosing to minimize the window, there is no way to maximize the window again.
Note, these comments are related to the 3.0 beta (mentioned in another thread), not the current version. Others can speak to the functionality of the current version.

Thank you for listening.