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Thread: Media Splitter is a Great Media Player

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    Default Media Splitter is a Great Media Player

    Did Applian marketing poobah's ever think of adding a few features to Media Splitter and turn it into a boffo media player. I like the ability to listen to a media file and immediately mark the file for editing. MS is pretty good now with its file marking and editing features. A few additional features I would find of interest include:
    --Volume control
    --Fast forward / Fast reverse
    --Fine tune file pointer position (digital)

    You guys have a great product as it is.

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    Default media splitter: extra features needed

    How can I replay a video on fast forward, preferrably without converting from the high quality flv format that Replay Video Capture records in?

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    i think they are planning on that..we'll just wait and see

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