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Thread: Iphone Ringtones Not Quite Functioning

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    Default Iphone Ringtones Not Quite Functioning

    So I recently got the iphone and, in my efforts to make custom ringtones, stumbled upon the program Replay Converter. Following the instructions from a youtube video I learned how to work the program.

    Everything seems to work precisely as instructed in the video for converting a song into a ringtone. I followed every instruction letter for letter. Once the song is converted into a ringtone it goes into my itunes ringtone folder.

    The problem is that even though they show up on the ringtone list, I cannot sync them to my iphone. When I select my iphone on itunes I get a number of tabs I can cycle through related to the phone, one of those tabs being "ringtones". When I go to this tab, there are no available ringtones to sync even though with one click I can go to a list available on itunes that shows me the ringtone exists.

    Might anyone have any idea what is wrong? Is this something I need to contact Apple about? Considering I'm not paying to make these ringtones by using a freely downloaded program, should I specifically "not" contact them?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    It sounds like your song file might be to large for your system. See if making a shorter conversion does the trick. Keep in mind the length of your other ring tones.

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