Hey there applian, Ive been using your awesome products for years now & I just gotta say there worth every penny spent! Easy to use & very conventient. (This can go on forever lol)

I'm just having a problem when recording Fullscreen. What I personally do is I check the fullscreen option in the Video Capture options. Then I chose the recommended settings, either fullscreen mpeg or wmv. Then I click record then I right away full screen my (Youtube) video and hit play. I do eventually have to edit the video and crop out the 1st 4 or 5 seconds to make the video right. So I'm guessing that that's the best way to record full screen. I'm still having a problem with the video suddenly becoming slower after I click the record button, just like many users, but my biggest problem is that the mouse or cursor always ends up showing in my recorded videos! Even though I see it dissapearing after 2 or 3 seconds of playing the video!

Please give me some feedback on this issue & how to hide the mouse, and any additional tips on whats the best way to record the full screen video (since its the most hight quality,) and how to avoid the video cutting out and becoming really slow.