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Thread: WM MEDIA PLAYER WON'T RECORD AT - rtmp file error 207

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    Default WM MEDIA PLAYER WON'T RECORD AT - rtmp file error 207


    I am very into astronomy you know...

    Now, 2009 is the year of astronomy.

    I would like to download some very interesting files at

    WM RECORDER refuses to record anything from that public webcast..

    I'm sure that don't mind downloading their files...

    It's the year of astronomy my dear God...Everything is being done to give access to astronomy....

    I have no problems at Nasa...Not a single time...But this is different

    Every time is the same : RTMP FILE ERROR 207...

    Can anyone, perhaps from the applian forum help me..

    I really like those files..

    Many thanks in advance,



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    This is not a forum for WM products but for Applian products. It does sound like you need to use WM Capture or Replay Video Capture for this file. The best thing for you to do is give tech support for WM Recorder a tech support ticket.

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