When using Replay Media Catcher 3.02 to record from Shoutcast.com no matter what stream i record I have noticed that it is recording 2 different streams at once. Is this normal?
For instance one stream shows SHOUTCAST STREAM #1 while the other as its recording shows 89328EF2_Downloads.mp3 When playing back the mp3 that Replay Media has recorded I get back a very bad recording. It sounds like a needle skipping forward and backwards on a record player in one second intervals. Sometimes it almost sounds like 2 tracks were recorded on top of each other just offset by a second during replay. I have looked around on the forums and can't find anything that looks like this. Has anyone heard of such a problem before. I installed a fresh copy of Replay on Windows XP also tested on Vista64 and get the same results. Please would like any suggestions to resolve this problem. My system as follows:
intel 6600 core 2 XP Pro SP3
BFG 680sli motherboard
2.5 gbs of ram
8800gtx bfg video cards - SLI
Dual boot to vista64 i show 8gbs of ram