I tried to burn a CD with Media Converter 3 and had two issues.

1. I first tried it in "Test Mode". That all went fine, but then I had to go all the way back to the start and re-convert the MP3 files to do a real burn. There should be a way to go from test mode to real mode without having to reconvert the MP3 files.

2. When I burned the CD for real the process went through all the steps and ended with the message "CD Burn Failed" (or something like that). There was no indication as to why it failed. Some experimentation showed that I had too many MP3 files selected. When I reduced the number of files (through trial and error, the burn succeeded. I think there should be something in the program to calculate (or estimate) how many input files would fill a CD. The program should then either (1) prompt to enter a new CD when one is filled or (2) stop burning when the CD is filled or (3) prompt the user to reduce the number of files to the number that would fill a CD.

Kudos to you for being able to convert these MP3 files. They must have been an odd sort since the other CD burning program I have (which does manage the amount you can convert on one CD) would not convert them.

General request: It would be nice for those who order suites of products to have a common install/uninstall routine with boxes to select the products they wish to install/uninstall.