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Thread: Window selection in Replay Video Capture

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    Default Window selection in Replay Video Capture

    Although the automatic "Get Window" selection is often useful, it does not work for some sites (like Hulu) where it is impossible to select by using "Get Window" the actual window in which the video sits. So when I make a recording I have to move the little red and blue corner markers into place by hand. However, it is very difficult to position them exactly and so I often wind up with a recording that is something like 642x358 pixels, rather than the 640x360 that it should be. For this reason I think it would be useful within the settings options of RVC to make available one or both of the following:

    (a) give an option to make the distance between the upper left and lower right corner markers snap to the nearest multiple of x pixels (so I could choose x=40, say), or

    (b) give an option for the user to specify the desired capture window size explicitly (so a user could set it to say 640x360).

    I trust these would not be a difficult options to add to the program.

    best regards, Richard
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