Assuming that I am in the right place to ask this question, here goes.

I am having alot of trouble getting itune radio stations to record with RAV8. For that matter, I am having the same difficulty with podcasts. To my knowledge, the stations are not Winamp - Radiohead, smoothcast; all are at 128kbps.

I can click and drag a station over to the AV Replay list, on the properties tabs, set it to convert to Itunes in a M4B Audio Book 128kbs. Now, I can't even schedule it to record; instead, I go back, right click for the drop down menu, put it on record, record about a minute (if it will get that far) then tune into the station to make sure I've got a live signal. If I do, then I click again to save as the M4B for iTunes.

Some of the time, after all of the above, it does not get to itunes but will play on the RAV8 page. I'm not having any problem with XMR, they all record and transfer per schedule. However, the world is more than XMR and I have several podcasts that are in your Media Guide that I have the same problem with as above.

With podcasts I don't click and drag, I add and then do the same thing. Not one of about 10 that I've tried has worked. Please advise. Thanks.