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Thread: Replay Video Capture jerky video of Joost

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    Default Replay Video Capture jerky video of Joost

    Now, I have prior had installed 3 Gigs of PC ram and, 256 MB video card running Windows XP Home w/service pack 3 Single core running @2,500 Mgz processor.
    I have experienced somewhat jerky video of now, I have upgraded my PC ram to a total of 6 Gigs of PC ram. Now, the jerkyness video has gone away. Now, regular customers who buys a pc will likely to buy a pc with 1 gig of ram... 3 gigs if they are concerned ... (no pun intended)
    it's a very good app' but, may need to reduce system resources for people who use low priced PC's.

    Windows 3.1 run quite fast on 4 MB of PC ram...

    Kind Regards.

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    Thanks for the information regarding getting rid of the "jumps".

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