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Thread: Flash V9 Videos on Facebook

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    Question Flash V9 Videos on Facebook

    A simple answer to a simple question ( I Hope)
    Is it indeed possible for me record a Flash V9 video ,displayed in Facebook?

    If there an obvious "too hard basket" reason?
    I have just upgraded to latest version Replay Suite in the hope that this was the problem , but to no avail

    Looking forward to your reply...........

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    Give it a try and see. If it doesn't work with AV try it with Media Catcher-I don't have a Facebook account to test. Then if neither of them work try it with our Replay Video Capture program. It works great on streams that won't capture with a stream capture program.

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    Default Thanks Cheryl :)

    After more attempts......concluded AV8 could not record it BUT as you suggested, I tried Replay Video Capture..................and after a short time working out the controls................VC now works brilliantly for recording video from facebook.
    PS: Needs to be set to WMV record in the settings.

    Thought you might like to know for future reference.

    cheers..........and thanks.....Frank in OZ

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