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Thread: Last part of stream does not record

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    Unhappy Last part of stream does not record


    I'm testing out the trial version Replay Media Catcher with Windows Vista. It had a problem the first time I tried to use it, so I'm wondering if others have the same problem, and how good this program is. I was recording the video from the following link:

    I followed the steps of starting RMC then launching Firefox and finally playing the video.

    The recording started fine, it seemed to finish fine. The file size on the list within RMC was 69.77 Mb, and the file size that actually got saved on the disk was chopped down to 54.084 Mb as RMC was finishing up. I was watching in the file browser, and the size was closer to 69 Mb and then it showed 54 Mb when all was said and done. Playing the video it stops after just over 8 mins or so in a 12 minute video.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Keep in mind your'e using the TRIAL's only going to record 75% or so of the video. You'd need to purchase the full version in order to record the full video. :-)
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    Jeff Lenney
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    Ah... D'accord. Merci

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