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Thread: Media catcher- Won't work in full version

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    Default Media catcher- Won't work in full version

    I have been a Replay A/V user for many happy years.

    The programs I have not been able to record in the past that I wanted
    are NPR music programs and AOL/Spinner albums.

    After reading about Media Catcher it looked like that is what I needed.
    I downloaded the demo and it worked perfectly, so I bought the full version.

    When i try to record these same programs it does not record or show anything in the list that it is being recorded.

    I don't understand why the demo worked , but not the full version.

    Please let me know what I am need to do to get this to work.

    Thank You

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    Just wanted to add that I can record Youtube videos with no
    problem, just not anything audio.

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