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Thread: Providers monitor feed grabs?

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    Question Providers monitor feed grabs?

    I was successful with a single (my first attempt with no specail tweak settings) video feed recording using the replayAV8 suite. Since all subsequent attempts have failed. The stream record capture connects, starts the capture process -then fails after ~4 mins.

    Can't really get my head around this since the first video stream capture was a success. The DVD burn is production in both NTSC and PAL (my xbox360 supports PAL formatted DVDs) This PAL format is much easier to watch then the North American supported format.

    And as for the audio stream captures -SomaFM non-stop sync with my iPod is sweet!
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    Hi Stephen,

    Sorry for the delayed response....please submit a ticket to the helpdesk for this, as this seems a bit advanced and may take some work.
    Best Regards,

    Jeff Lenney
    Technical Support
    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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