What are Applian's plans for apps for mobile phones - especially for the Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android operating systems? I have been looking at musicphones and smartphones. I tried the iPhone and returned it, in large part because I was not satisfied with their iPod player and they won't allow any software that competes with their own. (City Hall reporters in New York used to joke, "What does the 'I' in Edward I. Koch stand for?" Answer: "Ed Koch's favorite pronoun." Much the same can be said of the "i" in Apple products and Steve Jobs.)

I'd love to see a portable version of Replay Player with the added capability to play live streams and a portable version Replay AV to download podcasts directly and record programs. I have Replay Application Suite because I like to record and listen to radio programs and similar news-information-talk content (podcast or recorded from streams) and the people who designed the iPhone/iPod and other mobile devices seem to think everybody only wants to listen to album cuts. All these products and the apps I've come across for them seem poorly designed for the functions I want - the functions for which Applian's PC products are so well designed.

I imagine you can't tell us everything but I hope you can let us know if we can be looking for Replay capabilities on mobile devices. And please, if you do go this way, support operating systems other than Apple's.