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Thread: Questions regarding the “Extraction Engine”

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    Default Questions regarding the “Extraction Engine”

    I have been downloading radio recordings using the RMC “Extraction Engine” (EE) for a while. For some sites it works very well, and other sites, not at all. I cannot figure what are the factors that make the EE work for some but fail with others. While the radio stations I record from are not “mainstream” stations, that is not a factor in the failure or success.

    Here are examples:

    Succeed [Taiwan, Republic of China ] [Syria, {yes, they use a russian server}] [Iraq, {yes, they use a russian server}]

    Fail [Egypt] [Lebanon] [Saudi Arabia] [Kuwait]

    I am most interested in getting the EE to work with the first two sites that I indicated as failing, (in Egypt and Lebanon).

    What exactly is Applian's position in the matter?
    • Is it that the EE works where it does and fails elsewhere and that is the end of it ?

    • Would it consider “improving” the scope of EE so that it is able to extract streams from more sites suggested by users?

    • Is there a scope at present to “teach” RMC’s EE to extract streams where it does not do so “out of the box”?

    Regarding the teaching of the EE, I am aware that under RMC’s Settings:Internet Downloads:Advanced:Extractor, there are fields to add sites, and to ignore sites. Yet, the documentation for these settings is very basic. Is there any way to have the EE recognize the streams in the sites I list above as failing ? Better technical documentation is very much in order.

    One last point: I have no problem manually extracting the stream URL to download the audio or video. But that is no solution if I want to schedule recordings as the streams of these stations change daily, and in some cases more frequently.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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    Default Re: Questions regarding the “Extraction Engine”

    Streams change all the time as to how they work. The extraction engine updates when it can determine how to make it work better for various streams. I always have it set to check for new version on start in the Get Support of the program. If a stream is encrypted it won't capture as an example. Also, for some outside of the country of origin, some sites might require you to use a VPN>
    Please contact tech support if you require additional assistance. I might add that you can't train the program to find it. If a site changes daily there is not a way to capture the stream on a schedule.

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