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Thread: "Segment 0 failed to download" error on YouTube

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    Default "Segment 0 failed to download" error on YouTube

    I'm trying to download a game at with Version 10.

    I've downloaded tons of full games from there before and have never had a problem.

    I'm trying to download a high quality MP4 version 720P but they all fail with the error:

    "Segment 0 failed to download after 3 trys: The remote name could not be resolved: ' Try decreasing the maximum number of HTTP segments to 1"

    Which I did but it didn't help.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Default Re: "Segment 0 failed to download" error on YouTube

    Please do open up a ticket if you have this issue. You can attach .jjpg files showing what is going on there. Regarding your link I did try it. It is working for me. I used AUTO and then went to the link. I have it set to prompt for both format and preferred quality in settings under Internet downloads. It extracted and I expanded the options. I did select mp4 and when expanded selected one without DASH>

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