After using RMC to record an audio broadcast, any audio that comes through Firefox doesn't output correctly. No matter what I audio output I select in the Windows 10 Sound settings the sound always plays through my computer speakers. I often need to change the audio output to my digital output device where my headphones are plugged into, but the sound still comes out through the speakers. I tested with other browsers and they output sound correctly to whatever device I've selected. Also any video or audio file played directly by my media playback software outputs correctly. Only Firefox ignores the windows audio output setting and always plays sound through the speakers. This is super frustrating as I often need to listen with headphones, but despite having selected that in the windows 10 sound settings the sound instead blares through my speakers. This problem started immediately after I installed the latest version of RMC and recorded a radio broadcast I had opened on a Firefox tab.

I would like to have control again of where my computer sound plays through so please tell me how to fix this.