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Thread: Volume/bass level too high

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    Default Volume/bass level too high

    Hi. I've used Media Catcher as well as Video Capture to download/record YouTube music videos. All works except I noticed that the audio in the resulting video file is much louder than the original YouTube audio, and the bass is greatly enhanced, resulting in an overly boomy audio track.

    I am using Windows 10, and the only audio driver I have is the stock Realtek Audio Driver (not the HD version). My only options for playback are speakers or headphones, and I have speakers set to 2 speakers. Windows Spatial Sound is off. There is a "stereo mix" option among my devices, but choosing that yields no sound thru speakers or headphones.

    Any idea why the audio is being distorted? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Volume/bass level too high

    Did you try a different player? If not give that a try. Often when there is an issue it is the player you are using.

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