I have encountered a problem trying to schedule a recording from a radio stream. Specific details are given toward the end of this note.

The URLs I've tried simply open a Web page. On the page is a button. If you click the button, the station plays just fine.

I've looked to see what "hidden" URL is running when the station is playing. It is one that begins with https://. Trying to use that URL in Replay Radio gives an error that Replay Radio doesn't support access to HTTPS URLs. That's fine --- safety is important.

If I schedule Replay Radio to open to the URL that gives the button, the page opens fine. If I do nothing, Replay Radio quickly gives up and no recording gets made. If, instead, I click the button manually when Replay Radio opens the site, the stream begins to play and Replay Radio records just fine. I'm using the "record what you hear" option to get that to work.

So the solution to this problem, it seems to me, is to somehow get Reply Radio to send a button click to the site when it opens. Then it should all work.

Is there some way to accomplish this, either within Replay Radio or by using something in addition to Replay Radio?

I'm using Replay Radio

The station I want to record is Minnesota Public Radio News. It's at 91.1 FM in Minneapolis. The URL I've used is http://mprnews.org. That gives the site with the button to click. The URL that seems to run when the button is clicked is https://mprnews.org/listen, or,

I tried to do this set-up using the Guide, but that didn't work.

I'm new to using Replay Radio so I have a lot to learn. I hope someone can provide a working solution to the problem I've reported.