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Thread: Replay and Chrome.exe

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    Default Replay and Chrome.exe

    Hi Cheryl. Glad to see you are still here. I upgraded to Version 9 and set my application list to include chrome (after I first deleted every application in the original version. I have chrome as one of only to applications but it will not detect and record from Chrome. I did the first time get a message that chrome needed to be restarted, but I only got that once. Has something changed in version 9 or am I just missing something obvious. My other application records just fine. The chrome exe I pointed to is in the program files under Google/chrome/application.

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    Please do submit this in our ticket system. We need to monitor all items-especially when it is a new program. Thanks.

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    Thanks, I submitted a ticket. P.S. At the end of the replay music ticket is a sequence that wants to insist that you download the latest version of the replay music - version 7. You might want to update that.

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