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Thread: Will RM8 ever tag metal music correctly?

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    Default Will RM8 ever tag metal music correctly?

    I'm using the latest version of RM8 w/Windows 10.

    I listen almost exclusively to metal music. Some of it is old, some of it is new. Some bands are more mainstream, others are more obscure.

    Regardless, RM8 never tags correctly. Like never ever ever never.

    So..... I use the over-ride function for the Artist and Album, but then I have to type each song name individually.

    I always record albums, the songs always in order, from the same artist. Then I'll move onto the next album I want to record. (so I'm rarely ever recording one-off songs)

    I record songs one-by-one (because Spotify doesn't add silence between tracks). Meaning I have a "main" playlist in Spotify, and I drag & drop each song from the album into the "main" playlist, and press play.

    So after each song is finished recording, I'll drag & drop the next song into the "main" playlist, press play, and while that song is recording, I press F2 and manually enter the song title of the song that just finished.

    1- start recording in RM8, using the over-ride to list Artist and Album.
    2- In Spotify, drag song #1 from "Megadeth Rust In Peace" playlist to "Main" playlist.
    3- play song.
    4- when song is finished, wait for RM8 to start tagging.
    5- drag song #2 from "Megadeth Rust In Peace" playlist to "Main" playlist.
    6- play song.
    7- highlight song #1 in RM8 now that it's finished tagging (and remember it's never correct, it will show as "realmusic8 02" or something similar), press F2, and manually type the song title and track #.
    8- wait for song #2 to finish, and repeat process for each subsequent song.
    9- once the album is done, I highlight all the songs and input the "total # of tracks" and the "album year", then copy to all highlighted songs.

    It's a lot of work! and very time consuming

    (yes I know you can add silence between tracks in RM but that method often doesn't work with metal music: either when songs don't have silence between tracks -or- they have too much silence between tracks and one track gets split into two)

    Will RM ever tag album/artist/song titles correctly?
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