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Thread: Segment Numbering by the Numbers

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    Default Segment Numbering by the Numbers

    I've lived with this for years, but now I've decided to speak up.

    Back in the halcyon days of Replay AV, segmented recordings would reliably be appended with _01, _02, _03 etc.

    Now I've got a show that natively downloads as a .flv, and gets converted to .mp3 (which may or may not be relevant). It's first segment has no numeric suffix at all, not even a zero. Its second maddeningly becomes " - 1" followed by " - 2" for the third and " - 3" for the fourth, etc. Manually adding " - 0" to the first one keeps things sorted correctly in file lists, but shouldn't be necessary, and is slightly confusing, unless you consider this usage of "zero" to be the same as in epidemics' use of "Patient Zero."

    But my favorite and the most perplexing is a show that downloads as .aac and doesn't get converted. Its first segment also gets no suffix, but the second and following end with " - 1 - 1", " - 1 - 2", " - 1 - 3." Now how does that persistent extra " - 1" even happen? I then have to do some manual renumbering, as before, to make things neat and sortable.

    Any way we can have the recording realize it's going to be segmented so the first segment knows it's #1? And then not get any extra number ones?

    My renaming rule is set to {name} - {0}, but it still needs a little help.
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    Default Re: Segment Numbering by the Numbers

    I will pass on your request. Thanks.

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