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    Default Using Background Mode

    I had tried several times to use this facility relying on my instincts of many use of different software and being able to drill down in the software to find a cure to any problems. I did not succeed frustratingly and drilled down in this forum to try and find a cure. Only partial success. I contacted Applian for technical help and got the needed help. I have pointed out to them that really this solution should be in the Hints in the software but their answer is that the hints change all the time.

    So to get Background mode working do the following

    1. Open RVC and click on Settings
    2. Click the Background Enable button
    3. A box appears Using the Background Mode box with some hints and a with a choice of Browsers on the left. I use Chrome. The box on the right asks for the Browser address. In my case it is C:\Program Files(x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe which where Chrome is installed normally on ones hard drive.
    4. Click Close
    5. An message appears saying that RVC will close
    6. Now the important missing bit after RVC closes. Reboot and reopen browser and RVC and try and capture a video as you would in standard mode and it should be captured in the background.

    A piece of advice if you open other programmes is not to close the browser as it stops the capture.

    Enjoy as it a useful facility.

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    Default Re: Using Background Mode

    You also need to do the same for Firefox. There are so many versions of Firefox out that you would want to google how to do this with FireFox. Thanks. We do update our hints all the time as well.

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