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Thread: Unable to modify folder location on new computer

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    Default Unable to modify folder location on new computer

    I moved my Replay Radio to my laptop computer and copied the scheduled programs. But the folder directory shows the drive letter for the old computer and will not let me change it. I have changed the default folder but it ignores it. When I try to change a folder location for a scheduled program I get a message that says "Access is denied Exception from HRESULT: 08007005 Access Denied." I need to fix this soon before the programs are scheduled to record.

    Any ideas on how to fix it?

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    Default Re: Unable to modify folder location on new computer

    The scheduled programs might not work since your computers were different. Especially if you are now using a different version of the program. See what happens if you delete your shows and then add them. If you continue to have an issue do submit a support ticket.

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